Disneyland of China: Shanghai VS Hong Kong.

Disneyland! I grew up watching Disney cartoons, Kim Possible being my favorite *singing the theme song in my head*.

Having a chance to go to Disneyland was a dream come true!

Even if you do not watch Disney movies or cartoons, Disneyland is still a place where you can be unforgivably child-like and no one would care.

The land where dreams come true, apparently!

The first time I went to Disneyland was in Hong Kong in 2013 during my first ever trip around China. So yeah it was four years ago but I STILL specifically remember how much fun I had that day.

Postponing to three years later, another Disneyland opened up in China! It is in Shanghai and it is said to be the largest in Asia. Although I’m technically three years older and wiser *wink. I still do not want to miss the chance to go!

Of course, when you have been to both Disneyland in Shanghai and Hong Kong you ought to compare them both without realizing it. So, I will start with the basic stuffs.

Ticket price/ Admission Fee

So basically the Admission I mentioned here is strictly for Disneyland, I do not analyze the price of the Disney hotels, etc.

Because I know the Disney hotels are crazy expensive unless if you are willing to pay for them, feel free to. I will leave a link for you to explore your options.

Shanghai Disneyland ticket price is basically categorized into weekdays, and weekend tickets. Hong Kong Disneyland offers the same ticket price for both weekdays and weekend but both offers Annual pass and Fast pass as well as two-day tickets.  The price I’m showcasing is only for a one-day ticket.

Shanghai Disneyland: Weekday: 370 RMB

: Weekend: 500 RMB

Hong Kong Disneyland: Weekday:  589 HKD (515 RMB *based on June 2017 exchange rate)

Of course, based on both, Shanghai Disneyland has a slightly cheaper ticket if you were to go on a weekend but an even cheaper tickets during the weekdays.

I specifically would recommend you to go over the weekdays because it is less crowded and you can definitely enjoy more attractions.

Is food allowed in?

We all know theme parks have super crazy expensive food. Disneyland is no exception. Some people like me would bring food or at least try to hope it will not be noticed although the smell of fried chicken is right up your nose. For Hong Kong Disneyland it is strictly forbidden to bring any types of food. Although last time we had some tricks up our sleeves and managed to sneak in some food but do this at your own risk of losing some delicious homemade meals!

For Shanghai Disneyland, foods like instant noodles are not allowed however well-packed food is okay for you to bring in like buns and sandwiches or sushi that are from convenient stores.

Another point for Shanghai Disneyland I would say!


Tron Cycle, Shanghai Disneyland.

Time for my favorite part! Both definitely have a lot to offer. All age levels are able to enjoy themselves especially for adults who pretend they are five, would enjoy it even more! *cough*

To be honest, both of them practically have the same amount of rides but it is different from its name and by its thrill level as well.

The basic theme they have in both parks are inclusive of Tomorrowland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Fantasyland and Gardens of Imagination.

But what I liked the most about Hong Kong Disneyland was their Toy Story Land! That was absolutely awesome! That was something Shanghai Disneyland could not offer.

However, in regards to the rollercoaster rides, both definitely gave me an adrenaline rush. Although, it was relatively short because the ride only lasts for a couple of minutes but still great rides!

The rides I were talking about are the Tron Cycle (Shanghai) and Hyperspace Mountain (Hong Kong).

PS: a bit of a tip, if you were to go to Disneyland during autumn or winter where the daylight is shorter. You might want to save the mine train ride (Available in both Disneyland) till the end because the panoramic view of Disneyland from the ride is breath-taking!!!

Also, excuse me for only mentioning a couple of rides. Other rides are fun too but I would like to highlight these alone because they were my favorites.

Parade and Fireworks

Also in Disneyland, there are all types of shows and interactions that you can enjoy from meeting Mickey Mouse to watching the Disney princesses dance in front of the castle.

My favorite shows have to be the Parade and Fireworks. There are so much going on and you will without a doubt get all excited like nobody’s business. In between the two, my favorite parade has to be in Shanghai there was so many interactions between the characters and the audience. They are all so lovely and lively as well! Basically your favorite cartoon characters coming to life! please excuse my enthusiasm!

PS: Parade shows are usually done twice at 12 pm and 3 pm. Make sure to get to the designated area early or else it will be flooded with people!

Parade Show

However, the fireworks show in the evening, hands down goes to Hong Kong Disneyland. There were so much more fireworks and the rhythm was better I would say. (or probably because I had high expectations from Shanghai Disneyland, but it was a flop unfortunately :/)

These are all according to my opinions alone. You might think differently. Therefore, do come to China and relive your childhood! Trust me it is worth it as long as you don’t go during China’s holidays. Or else don’t even think of getting onto a ride.


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